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Product Packaging & Brand Development

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Carter & Co. Ag Services, Reputation Management & Crisis Communications

Reputation Management & Crisis Communications

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Carter & Co. Ag Services, Land Use Advocacy & Campaign Development

Land Use Advocacy & Campaign Development

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Brand Recognition

Our company creates integrated communications strategies to gain credibility and move brands forward. For the general public, a recognized brand is associated with trust, and vice versa. Handling everything from reputation management to regulatory, market and consumer acceptance, Carter & Co. Communications knows the pulse of this business.

Carter & Co. is also able to assist in generating positive brand recognition for agricultural company and it’s products.

Food Science

This is a live-right, eat-right society, and never has it been more important to be transparent and personal in the agricultural business. The science of food is complex and involved, and it is vital to communicate those facts.

The better we understand the local industry, the better we understand how the future of the valley will be shaped. Consumers need to know what is in the products they eat so they can make better choices all around.

If industries want to gain the trust of their market they must take a leap forward and display some transparency with their consumers. The better a consumer can understand what goes into its products, the more they can trust the producer.

The Carter & Co. team can help to clarify areas of public misunderstanding and present the facts consumers need.

Crisis Management

Carter & Co. develops marketing plans that can be tested to ensure that they generate positive results. If a business is in crisis, we can lend an extra hand to turn around negative opinions or unfavorable media coverage.

Carter & Co. can also help a business protect their interests by preventing potentially negative media coverage before it happens.

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