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Our goal at Carter & Co. Ag Communications is to empower the businesses and individuals who work in the Ag industry by efficiently and effectively telling their story and the story of Central Valley agriculture in a way that influences public opinion and creates a call to action that yields the results our clients need. Whether it is branding a product, handling crisis communications, or leveraging media relationships, we stand ready to advocate for the Central Valley by providing a singular voice that represents the entire region.

Whether you’re a grower, third-party or production company, we will work to move your brand forward using integrated communications strategies. For the public, a recognized brand is a trustworthy one–the more a consumer understands what goes into a product, the more they can trust its producer.

This is a live-right, eat-right society, and never has it been more important to be transparent and personal in the agricultural business. The science of food is complex and many consumers don’t receive accurate information about the food they eat and how it is produced. It is vital to communicate the facts in a way that resonates with everyday people.

Beyond promoting your brand, our firm specializes in protecting it. It isn’t a question of if, but when your brand will be attacked. Carter & Co. Communication proactively works with our clients to prepare them in advance of an attack on the brand. We create comprehensive crisis communications plans and train our clients ensuring they are prepared when a crisis hits. Our teams remains by your side, ready with our business-tailored crisis communication plan to navigate you through the situation. When the crisis is stabilized, we immediately transition into an aggressive reputation management mode to rebuild and restore consumer confidence in your products or services.

In good times and in times of crisis, Carter and Co. Communications has proven its ability to create credibility and trust between its clients and their consumer base with it’s impeccable track record.

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